Drinking more water

I am guilty of only having one cup of water a day, which is very bad for my health and my skin! So I am on a mission to drink my water. My tips to anyone else doing this or wanting to try it out are these:

  1. Add fruit to your water – I especially like lime, lemon and orange – try and not use soft fruits i.e.. raspberries as they just sink to the bottom all mushy. Have fun experimenting!
  2. Try and drink before you eat anything – this makes me also realise that I am not hungry, because the water fills me up!
  3. Bring plenty of bottles of water wherever you go, who knows when you’ll have time for a wee sip of water!
  4. Don’t worry about needing the toilet, you get into the routine of going every time you have a break. It’s not that big of a deal when you get used to it.

After making these small changes I felt a lot better, and my skin looked much better too!!! BTW you’ve probably realised this isn’t about baking but I will be blogging about everything, but mostly baking. πŸ˜‰


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