Mini Eggs, Mini Eggs, Mini Eggs!

Happy Easter everyone! Yesterday I made an Easter cake for a dinner with friends. I decided to try something different so I had a quick look on Pinterest. I found this recipe for a mini egg cake and it looked amazing! It was by Martha a past contestant of ‘The Great British Bake Off’. You can find it on the Waitrose website. There is a video which is quite helpful, with lots of tips to make the baking easier for you.

It took longer than expected to make the batter so if you’re thinking of attempting it, get a chair! This might of been because I didn’t have the right kind of mixer so it didn’t work as well. The cake is supposed to go in the oven for 1 hour 10 mins, but I only put it in for 50 mins to start with.

One of my tips for preparing for decorating whilst the cake is in the oven is sorting out the mini eggs. There are four colours of eggs; purple, pink, white and yellow. I put them into four bowls (colour coordinated obviously!) and covered them with a tea towel to stop everyone eating them (including me!!!). I must admit that I did snaffle a few 😉

Now this is when things started to go wrong…URGH BAKING STRESS…when I bake cakes I always poke them with a skewer to check if they’re cooked. If it comes out wet it needs a bit longer (you probably already knew that technique, but I decided to tell you anyway) 🙂 Mine needed a bit longer so I put it in for another 2 mins ABOUT 5 TIMES!!! The cake seemed to never cook in the middle, and the outsides were starting to get burnt. I took a risk and got the cake out of the oven, even though the skewer was wet.

We were taking the cake to a friend’s house, and time was running out, I was beginning to panic. Mum tried to help with the decorating which ended in a bit of frustration 😦  But it did get finished finally in the end, and I must say it looked spectacular, or for my standards anyway.

We had it quite late on in the evening with some coffee, and I was really eggcited to taste it! (like the pun, hehehe). And it was quite a disappointment. It was dry!!! And far too sweet!!! I knew this myself, but Dad just had to say ‘It was alright, DEFINITELY NOT the best!’ and I was like ‘I spent all day making that, I don’t need negativity in my life!’ That sass though, cringe cringe cringe. Awkward moment then giggles and laughter. Oh well, I hope everyone has had a fantastic Easter! xxIMG_0877


Chocolate Fondue!

My friend, Mum and I made a chocolate fondue today. We used the Kraft recipe. The only chocolate I had in the cupboard was kinda weird, cause it had cocoa nib things in it. We also had to use a bit of white chocolate which wasn’t ideal! I think I need to stock up on my baking ingredients. I picked this recipe because there were only two ingredients, chocolate and condensed milk. Seems simple doesn’t it! As we started to heat the mixture up in the pan it became thick and dough-like, it looked like brownie dough!!! When my Mum went away I decided to experiment. Not a good idea because I get pretty crazy with my baking! After adding almond extract, vanilla bean paste, peppermint extract and blue food colouring it began to look very strange! The blue food colouring doesn’t work with chocolate, it stayed brown, if you were wondering. When Mum came back she just raised her eyebrows, oops. Since it was still lumpy I suggested we added some normal milk (semi-skimmed), this really helped and it began to look like chocolate fondue. My brother, his friend, my friend and I, my other brother and my Mum all tried the fondue. We dipped it with banana, apple and melon on skewers. It was lovely and rich but you didn’t need much! Or I didn’t, my brother scraped the pot clean! Very messy though! Think I might try a recipe with more ingredients next time, and less ingredients of my own!!!